Global Rewinds Pty Ltd has employed the use of state-of-the-art electrical testing equipment, in order to ensure that testing of repairs and rewinds are conducted successfully as well as fault finding services.

Global Rewinds Pty Ltd offers various types of testing services to many applications. We can accommodate to any of your specific needs.

Below are the following testing services that we offer:

Surge Comparison Testing

We are able to examine and check the quality of electrical windings with the use of our High Voltage Surge Comparison tester. All of the electrical re-winding services conducted at Global Rewinds undergo such a test.

Primary & Secondary Current Injection Testing

We have primary and secondary current injection testing facilities.

Core Loss Testing

At Global Rewinds Pty Ltd, we provide a full core loss test prior to any equipment being rewound. As damaged lamination insulation can severely shorten the life of the motor, we conduct this test to all lamination stacks to ensure superior reliability in all of our repair work.


Baker Electronic Testing Machine

Balancing Machine

Core Testing